After being fascinated by the rural territory of the Castelli Romani, Vito Miceli purchased the vineyards located in Colle San Polo in 2018, founding Tenuta San Leo.
The desire to conserve the beauty of the landscape and the bio-diversity of the territory pushed the Miceli family to pursue an idea of a sustainable company implemented through organic and quality cultivation.
Sustainable agriculture to enhance diversity and preserve the territory for future generations and respect for human work are the basis of our production activity.

Tenuta San Leo

O r g a n i c f a r m i n g , a v i s i o n o f t o m o r r o w .

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V i t o M i c e l i


“I come from a family linked to the land. When I managed to carve out some time for my business, then I pursued my passion”.

G i o v a n n a C u n e t t a


“Organic is a point of arrival for us. In the modern world we pay more attention to what we bring to the table, so organic has become the only possible ethical choice for our children and for the world to come.”

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